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Strong name, Global presence, Great history

Iron Mountain was founded in 1951 and since then has become a world leader in information management services.  With its current headquarters in Boston, USA, with respect to its long history and understanding of the business and technological challenges of the day, Iron Mountain Incorporated enjoys the trust of more than 230.000 organizations worldwide with a presence in more than 50 countries, with more than 1.600 facilities. Companies and organizations of independent size, coming from different market segments, trust Iron Mountain as a partner in the secure management of their information.

Presence in Greece and services offered

Iron Mountain has been operating in Greece since 2007, investing in modern secure record centers  and in innovative cutting edge technologies for digital information management, making it the leader in the Greek market. Today, Iron Mountain Hellas is a member of the Southern European cluster along with Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania.

Iron Mountain’s services are focused on secure information storage and management, providing solutions that facilitate efficient operation and enhance the digital transformation actions of its customers’ daily operations.

From the organization and safe storage of physical archives, to digitization – scanning and processing of necessary information in any form with the use of AI and ML technologies, to the secure digital search and access to requested information through innovative enterprise content management systems, and finally to the confidential destruction of information in any form, Iron Mountain covers every requirement and need throughout the information lifecycle, from its creation to its permanent deletion.

Iron Mountain securely implements digital technologies and processes that fully comply both with regulatory framework and provisions, as well as with the internal needs and processes of each organization, regardless of its field and size.

Today, we are trusted by more than 800 customers from all industries including Banking, Financial institutions, Insurance companies, energy, telecommunications, shipping, legal and consulting services as well as from construction and trade and heavy industry.

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