The Club relies on its members’ commitment to ethical, moral, and transparent behavior.

The below Code of Conduct serves to enunciate the values of the Club and the behavior expected by its members, assisting them in remaining tuned to the Trust, Togetherness, Co-creation, Respect and Pride that permeate the Club’s essence.

After all, how we conduct ourselves shapes the character of our Club and ultimately determines if people want to support us, join us and be proud of us.


Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a significant membership prerequisite. The Code of Conduct applies to all members, irrespective of their membership type, the role they fulfill, or the jurisdiction in which they live or work.

More specifically:

  • Members should abide by the Club’s constitution or other policies and codes as they may be issued or updated from time to time.
  • Members should maintain the highest standards of conduct and engage in CEO Clubs’ events in a professional and dignified manner (including posts on personal social media), acting with integrity and respectfulness when interacting with other members, guests, and the general public.
  • Members should not act in a way that the Board can reasonably deem to be injurious or prejudicial to the character, interests, or reputation of the Club.
  • Members should respect the confidentiality requirements and privacy policies of the Club, including the confidentiality requested by the Club’s speakers, other members, and guests. This includes refraining from activities or practices that are or could be construed as anti-competitive or anti-trust.
  • Members should engage in a meaningful and in good faith interaction with the Club and other members in order to collectively support the manifestation of the Club’s values and purpose.
  • Members should not issue – whether via email, phone, SMS, social media or another medium – any malicious, inflammatory, critical, defamatory, abusive, or threatening messages or statements in relation to the Club, its members, invitees, or guests.
  • Members should not make any statement on behalf of CEO Clubs Greece or purport to represent the Club through any public medium, including digital social media, unless authorized by CEO Clubs Greece.
  • Members should respect the right of the Club’s staff, members, and non-member participants to a safe environment. As such, the Club’s work environment, events, meetings, or activities hosted or facilitated by the Club should be free of harassment, abuse, discrimination, or threatening behavior towards any of the Club’s` staff, Club member, invitee, guest, or other non-member participants.
  • Members should promptly pay their membership fees as part of their continued membership.
  • Members should inform the Club’s Events Team at least 24 hours before an event if they need to cancel their previously confirmed participation.
  • ClubHouse Rules:
  • Dress code: Business formal or Business casual
  • Entrance: Members Only - Guests to be accompanied by a member
  • No children allowed.

Should any member fail to meet the conditions, as described in the above, CEO Clubs Greece reserves the right to revoke the membership that has been granted or proceeded at its sole discretion to any other course of action relevant to the violation.

By applying for membership to CEO Clubs Greece, you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by the above Membership Code of Conduct and any future adjusted clauses.