30-31 March, 2024

at ClubHouse, Flisvos Marina


The purpose

A highly interactive and experiential 2-Day Leadership Bootcamp specially designed and sponsored by CEOClubs Greece for the high-flyer final year students of Athens University of Economics & Business.

This tailor-made bootcamp capitalizes on the unique blend of theory and practice that characterizes all educational programs of the Club's School of Leadership Practice while also harnessing the knowledge, expertise, and distinctive talents of both experienced executives and young graduates, bridging the gap between generations and creating a solid base from which all sides can co-create.

The initiative falls under the agenda of the Club's Charter of Impact and its efforts to leave a meaningful impact on leadership in Greece, designing a better future for all. It also stems from the theme of Co-Creation - the predominant inspiration for all programs and initiatives prepared by CEO Clubs Greece - since,in an era as complex and unpredictable as ours, it is only through joining forces, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and building impactful collaborations that we can co-create effective and sustainable solutions for ourselves, our teams, and, most importantly, society as a whole.

Towards this end we are happy and proud that we are joining forces with the Department of Management Science and Technology of AUEB.


Day 1, Saturday March 30, 2024

Leading Personal Growth - Leading Yourself

with Georgia Kartsanis



  • Self-awareness

This is the foundation of personal growth and leadership. It involves knowing individual
strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, emotions and goals. We will help the participants
assess their current level of self-awareness and identify areas for improvement based on a
pre-assessment (Clifton Strengths) and a debrief during the workshop.
  • Self-development

This is the process of learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, and expanding individuals’
potential. It involves setting SMART goals, creating action plans, seeking feedback and measuring
progress. We will help the participants create their own personal development plan based on
their career aspirations and learning needs. 
  • Self-management

This is the ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, energy and behaviors in different situations.
It involves skills such as stress management, time management, self-discipline, self-motiva-
tion, and resilience. We will help the participants develop their self-management skills by sharing
some best practices, tips and strategies.
  • Self-leadership

This is the ability to influence self and others to achieve a common vision or goal. It involves skills
such as communication, collaboration, decision making, problem solving, and innovation. We will
help the participants develop their self-leadership skills by sharing some models and frameworks
of effective leadership, such as situational leadership, transformational leadership, or servant

Day 2, Sunday March 31, 2024

Developing an impactful Personal Brand

with Gerty Phili



Part A

  • What is personal branding and why it is it important

We will explain the concept of personal branding and how it can help the participants
stand out in a competitive job market.
  • How to communicate personal brand effectively

We will teach the participants how to craft a compelling personal brand statement
that summarizes their value proposition and showcases their uniqueness. 
  • How to discover personal brand identity

We will help the participants identify their core values, strengths, passions, goals,
and personality traits that define who they are and what they stand for.
  • How to maintain and grow personal brand

We will advise the participants on how to keep their personal brand consistent
and authentic across different situations and contexts.


Day 2, Sunday March 31, 2024

Planning a successful career path

with Peggy Velliotou



Part B

  • How to plan and navigate your career path effectively

The process of self-reflection (interests, values, skills and long-term goals), the role of setting clear
goals, the criteria to consider when evaluating the first job opportunities, the importance of
networking and mentorship (how to choose a mentor who can provide guidance, advice and
insights into career progression).
  • Navigate the future

Key trends for job market, future roles, the demand for skilled talent.
  • Changing career

The signs to decide a career change, the steps for a successful transition to a fulfilling new career,
the importance of transferable skills.
  • Storytelling

Real life stories who made a career change!

Our Coaches | Facilitators

Georgia Kartsanis

Founder of CEO Clubs, SARGIA Partners & Your Directors Club

Expert in Business, Strategy & Leadership within the context of change. Founder of a premium and exclusive Group of Companies, shaping the future of business and society by inspiring for bigger thinking and co-creating experiences.
Georgia has a unique and powerful approach to facilitating core shifts in consciousness, mindsets and behaviors needed from leaders so they achieve breakthrough desired results.

Gerty Phili

Partner, Leadership Coach @ SARGIA Partners

Gerty is a Master Coach, certified by the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC) of the USA; she is also a specialist in the area of Interpersonal Impact Coaching, trained by Nicola Murray of Tonic Ltd, UK.Gerty is working with clients who want to be challenged to grow to the max, exploring new territories of professional and personal growth events.


Peggy Velliotou

Partner, Executive Search & Selection @ KPMG in Greece

Peggy, Partner since 2008, is responsible for the Executive Search and Selection, BOD services and Executive on Boarding. She has carried out more than 14.000 interviews and successfully placed 2.500 executives at various positions in Greece and abroad.
Her team is made up of colleagues with valuable sectoral experience and deep knowledge of the market. Since 2019 Peggy has also the role of Head of People for KPMG Greece.