Health and Safety

GEP SA, the leading company of Health & Safety in Greece, is fully supporting CEO Clubs, in order to ensure that physical events are held with the maximum caution and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dedicated Health & Safety Advisors will perform audits and inspections prior to the event, evaluate the health protocols of the venue and design the exclusive health & safety plan of each event.

During the event, authorized Health Advisors, will be responsible for the execution of the H&S plan and proceed to any urgent actions in case needed, based on the predesigned precaution measures against COVID-19. GEP will also contribute to the maximum efficiency of the hygiene protocols of the venue.

Prior to the event you will receive a consensus request for the medical procedures that will occur at the venue:

  • Health Advisors will record your temperature and act according to the medical protocol in case of emergency. This procedure will take place in an isolated area with no visibility by others
  • You will be asked a few simple questions about your recent activities and possible symptoms you may have lately noticed
  • No record will be kept after your entrance. GEP’s advisors are respectively authorized to proceed to medical data processing only during your entrance
  • You are kindly requested to freely cancel your participation in case you notice any symptoms related to COVID-19: fever, cough, sneeze, difficulty in breathing, exhaustion

At the beginning of the event, Health Advisors will shortly present you the event’s Health & Safety procedures and precaution measures. The advisors will also be available to you during your stay at the venue for any case of emergency, first aid or medical advisory.

Your Club makes sure that you are being cared the most and treated in the safest way possible so that we can reunite again.

See you soon!