“It is ok to be on the top, but there is no reason to be alone.”

CEO Clubs, is a non- profit organization that was founded in 2009 as a chapter of CEO Clubs Int’l, one of the largest business clubs worldwide, with over 15,000 members. CEO Clubs Greece, completing its 11th year of operation, is recognized as the most progressive Club of successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs in our country, a strong voice for the leadership of the new era.

CEO Clubs’ Purpose is the continuous upgrade of Members’ lives and impact in business, inspiring the leaders to re-think, re-define and co-create a better tomorrow for their people, their organizations and the society as a whole.

Through Forums and Circles, CEO Clubs cultivates knowledge, the meaningful peer networking and promotes the extroversion, constituting an attractant  for leaders who  seek growth  and excellence through knowledge exchange and experience sharing.

Today, CEO Clubs Greece lists 150 members, leading multimillion organizations, with total turnover that exceeds the 4% of the national GDP.