The Greek Chapter of CEO Clubs International was founded in 2009 as a non-profit organization by Georgia Kartsanis, Founder and CEO of SARGIA Partners, an international firm that specializes in leadership transformation consulting and executive coaching, offering state of the art solutions to enhance organizational and individual effectiveness.

The Club’s foundation in Greece was totally aligned with Georgia’s personal mission in life: Inspire leaders to develop a “bigger mind” with mindfulness, vision and agility. Georgia’s strong belief that we learn better and faster from quality and successful peers who share the same values and aspirations with us, has led to the creation of a premium and exclusive community of reputable CEOs, who share a winning attitude, meaningfully network and learn within a trusting and nurturing environment to lead successfully themselves, their people and their organizations, positively influencing their business ecosystem.

CEO Clubs Greece, during the financial and business downturn of the past 10 years, has served as a true mental and psychological oasis for its members. It has offered them an exclusive, transparent and trusting environment where they are not alone, but inspire each other to reinvent themselves and their businesses and come out of the turmoil even stronger.