“It is ok to be on the top, but there is no reason to be alone.”

“It is ok to be independent, but there is no reason to be alone.”

Comprised of chapters in the U.S., India, South Africa, Greece, and China, CEO Clubs International is a more than 40-year-old nonprofit, by-invitation-only membership association.

Its mission is to create a fostering environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their organizations through shared experience and personal growth.

CEO Clubs International was founded in 1977 by Dr. Joseph Mancuso, who left the chairmanship of the management Department of WPI in Worcester, trusting that there should be a better way to learn than solely focusing on individual growth, relying on handbooks and Academic achievements.

His vision was to create a premium community of high achievers who help each other grow their businesses “while cherishing some individual time and learning”

Today, CEO Clubs International, has over 15,000 active members in the US and an equal number of overseas, all consisting of CEOs leading multimillion organizations.

Over the past four decades, our Clubs have attracted distinguished personalities, such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edson De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg and Peter Peterson, just to name a few.

 Founder and President CEO Clubs International

The founder of Chief Executive Officers Clubs International is the distinguished entrepreneur Joe Mancuso. Mancuso is a highly esteemed speaker. The talks and workshops he has conducted or arranged have attracted million attendees, generating over $300,000,000 in value. Within the framework of his mission, he has engaged into frequent oversees traveling. Only the last couple of years, he traveled to China thirty times, taking on board over 850 diverse CEOs. Today the Clubs have chapters in China, India, Dubai, Greece, Philippines, Australia, and Fiji.

Mancuso is a reputable author. His books have had the strongest demand and appeal of any other management author, according to Simon & Schuster. In total, he has written or edited twenty-six books, with ten among them having been classified as backlist books, selling about the same quantity each year. Joe has also authored numerous magazine articles and booklets in reputable magazines as Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Marketing and The Journal of Small Business.

Joe holds an Electrical Engineering degree from WPI, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Doctorate degree in Educational Administration from Boston University. He has served as the Chairman of the Management Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts before launching CEO Clubs International in 1977.

He lives in Manhattan, with his wife and business partner, Karla, and their two children Max and May. His three married daughters have given him six grandchildren.