“While participating in CEO Clubs, I have not only made interesting acquaintances but, also, intimate and valuable friendships”

“So far, I have gained significant extroversion and strengthened my personal and professional network; I have also learned from shared experiences, challenges and insights”

“In the Club, you know you have someone to reach out to at all times”

“For me, my work is pleasure, so in the Club, I can have the ideal mix of work and pleasure”

“When I subscribed, I was welcomed with a warm hug, this warmth is what keeps me going”

“CEO Clubs has become my family away from home, it is my point of reference”.



Belonging to the CEO Clubs means entering a world of exclusive offers, expanding your knowledge and embracing innovation.


CEO Clubs Members 

  • Strengthen their personal leadership
  • Gain significant extroversion via the Clubs Global Network
  • Strengthen their personal and professional network locally and internationally
  • Boost their thought leadership by becoming speakers of CEO Clubs Events, or high impact associations affiliated with the Club
  • Learn from shared experiences, challenges and insights
  • Adopt new and innovative leadership models, approaches and best practice

Our Members Organizations

  • Boost corporate image and status
  • Gain powerful business alliances and lead generation opportunities
  • Introduce new management models and tools
  • Infuse extroversion
  • Transform the company into a “learning organization” through CEO Clubs ongoing learning mentality
  • Get privileged access to unique learning and networking opportunities for the Leadership Team