CEO Clubs Terms of Membership

  1. The members of CEO Clubs are Business Owners, Company Presidents, Managing Directors, and Chief Executives who wish to impact their business growth positively.
  2. The organizations led by the members should be well-established companies with annual sales above €10 million. In the case of organizations with fewer than 5 years of operations, their annual sales should be at least €5 million, and they should have a proven organizational structure.
  3. Membership is by invitation only, granted upon remittance of the membership fee and activated from the first day of the month that follows.
  4. Adherence to and respect for the Club’s culture, as expressed by its mission and values, is imperative for all current and prospective members of the Club.
  5. A CEO Clubs member in good standing from one chapter can join as a guest at any regular meeting of any other CEO Clubs Chapter at no additional cost.
  6. Membership fees are as listed below. These fees do not include an Initiation fee of €500, paid only once, upon the first registration.
    One Year Full Membership€3,500
    Two Year Full Membership€6,000
    One Year Corporate rate (for the 2nd CEO) €2,500 (additional  annual fee)
  7. Invited CEOs can participate as guests at, maximum, one event before registering as members.
  8. Only the CEO Clubs member can participate in the Club’s events: no replacements are accepted.
  9. Membership is related to the individual, not the company. Therefore, when a member changes role/title or departs the company and another CEO undertakes his/her role, the Club reserves the right to re-assess the membership renewal.
  10. The Club members’ names and addresses are confidential and shared only among Club members. Additionally, the information on the Club’s website (apart from the generic pages) is accessible only by members, secured by a password to log in.
  11. CEO Clubs Greece is the data controller for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and only processes the applicant’s data as needed by the Club’s scope of operation. Personal data will be processed strictly within the applicant’s consent limits.
  12. A Member’s data will be stored for one (1) year following the first day of the person’s membership expiration or set end date.
  13. Members have the right to withdraw their consent for their data processing at any moment. This, though, will not affect the lawfulness of the data processing before the consent’s withdrawal.
  14. Under the GDPR, Members have the right to obtain access, rectification, or erasure of their personal data, restrict any processing, object, or reject/approve data portability.

 By applying for membership to CEO Clubs Greece you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by the Membership Code of Conduct as published from time to time.