Your Directors Club (YDC)

«Α Circle of Trust»

Your Directors Club, a premium and exclusive community of C-level executives and early entrepreneurs, was founded on January 2019 by Georgia Kartsanis, the Founder and President of CEO Clubs Greece, with the belief that we learn faster, and sometimes better, from quality and successful peers who share the same beliefs and aspirations with us.

The Club was born with the purpose to create a strong community of Senior Directors with a winning attitude, who learn and share within a trusting and nurturing environment to lead successfully their self, their people and their organizations and positively influence their business ecosystem.

It is therefore providing senior professionals with a community, a Circle of Trust, that enables them to exchange views, ideas and best practices, receive high-end advisory, develop professional skills and competencies and collectively overcome their business and personal challenges.

Your Directors Club is committed to treat the Senior Executives of today as the next generation of leaders and connect them, inspire them, lift them up and help them to create the world they want to live in.

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