CEO Clubs Greece

The Greek Chapter of the Chief Executive Officers’ Clubs is a premium community established to offer business leaders a unique platform for professional networking and knowledge exchange.

Who we are

CEO Clubs, is a non- profit organization that was founded in 2009 as a chapter of CEO Clubs Int’l, one of the largest business clubs worldwide, with over 15,000 members. CEO Clubs Greece, completing its 11th year of operation, is recognized as the most progressive Club of successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs in our country, a strong voice for the leadership of the new era.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of CEO Clubs Greece is to connect, inspire and educate business leaders, within a friendly atmosphere that nurtures innovative and unconventional thinking. To that end, we have created an exclusive and inspiring environment for successful CEOs and reputable Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving the quality of their lives and enterprise, through the power of shared experience and ongoing personal growth.

The Founder

The founder of CEO Clubs Greece (2009) is Georgia Kartsanis, as also   the Founder of CEO Clubs Romania (2012), Your Directors Club (2019) and SARGIA Partners (2010)

A Visionary Business Builder & Leadership Coach who founded a premium and exclusive Group of Companies, shaping the future in business and society, by inspiring greatness and co-creating experiences.

Our Values

The primary purpose of CEO Clubs Greece is to connect, inspire and educate business leaders within a friendly atmosphere that nurtures innovative and unconventional thinking, based on four undisputed values: Trust, Care, Share and Support.


Communicating directly, openly and honestly, delivering on our promises, connecting with transparency, integrity and sense of common belonging


Showing genuine interest for our fellow Club members welfare, contributing to their growth, listening with genuine interest and respect and being present


Learning together for continuous self-renewal, exchanging knowledge and experiences and connecting authentically with transparency, dignity and respect


Understanding the needs of our fellow Club members, helping one another and offering encouragement.


The Club conducts a plethora of Forums and round table discussions exclusively addressed to CEOs. It organizes business delegations and matchmaking events, annual retreats and educational courses, providing unique opportunities for personal, in depth sharing of high-level expertise, new leadership perspectives and approaches.


Organized twice/year and are open to Members, guest-CEOs and C-level executives. They feature one or more keynote speakers and are followed by a Roundtable discussion.


Monthly meetings accessed exclusively by CEO Clubs Members. Participation is limited to a maximum of 35, in order to facilitate open discussions among all attendants.

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Morning meetings accessible exclusively by CEO Clubs Members. There is an inspirational video projection on a topic that a Member proposes, followed by open discussion.


Organized for CEO Clubs Members as well as their families. They include Dinners, Parties, Daytrips, Weekends, Sports & other fun activities.


CEO Clubs Workshops are planned and scheduled ad hoc, around a burning leadership challenge or concern.


All CEOs have the inner capacity to lead with excellence and influence their ecosystem in a way that truly makes a difference to their lives, the lives of their people, their organizations and society.


Over 200 proud members


Belonging in the CEO Clubs means entering a world of exclusive offers, expanding your knowledge and embracing innovation

Strengthen your leadership brand and “industry signature”


Gain powerful
business alliances


Learn from
shared experiences


Adopt new management models and tools