Who should Join

CEO Clubs is the world’s leading international membership organization of Business Owners, Company Presidents, Managing Directors and Chief Executives who are heading the operations of their company and want to grow their businesses.

The annual sales of the business must be above €10 million. CEO Club membersCEOs of younger and dynamic companies can become members as long as there is a minimum of €5 million in annual sales and a proven organizational structure. In any case, members must definitely fit the culture of CEO Clubs. Exception to these requirements has occasionally been allowed in the case of founding members. Each chapter is allowed to vary this rule for up to 5 percent of its membership. In order to be accepted for membership, a candidate must present recommendations from two CEO Clubs members in his or her home chapter. Finally, membership is activated on the first day of the month following the acceptance of the subscriber’s application and remittance of fee.

A CEO Clubs member in good standing from one chapter is a welcomed guest at any regular meeting in any chapter, at no additional cost.